The Insider Tell All About Buying a Vehicle

I frequently get asked questions like "So like how much a month is _______" or  "what rate would I get" or  "what's my trade worth", and often it might be on the phone, at a social gathering, or even social media.

I know why of course…. The stigma is still very prevalent that Car Dealers are the devil, and therefore no one really wants to come in and have these questions answered officially.

The answer to the above question is the opposite of simple. It's really an in person at the dealership conversation.

If you are like many, you come in to the dealership guarded. It's intimidating walking through the doors; you feel vulnerable because you do not want to get taken advantage of. So you might say very little. Here is how the process should go if you are being taken care of by a true professional:

You will be greeted. The sales professional will introduce him or herself, and ask you name. You might not really want to answer because you haven't gotten comfortable yet, but you give your name and shake hands.

The sales professional will ask you if you have been here before, if you are here to see anyone particular, and they will upfront explain their responsibilities to you as your sales professional.

At first the questions you are asked  seem weird.

You already said you are interested in a specific car, but the sales professional is asking what is important to you in your vehicle, and why. and they are asking what your lifestyle habits are day-to-day. You might give them a short answer. (But don't, we want to make sure we keep our word about our responsibilities to you as a sales professional as we explained from the start). You will be asked about your current vehicle, what you are driving, if you are adding an additional car or trading your current car, and if you previously put money down on the current car or if you had a trade back then.

So, the sales professional will reiterate these important factors in your next vehicle that you mentioned before. Maybe you feel a little more comfortable now because your sales professional is actually kind of fun, maybe you both laughed a little, and now you give some information you might have left out previously.

Why this part is important -> Getting you all the information you need and into the right car for you and your needs or you and your family's needs is one of the most important things we do for you. We want you to be so excited about your new car because it SHOULD be exciting. We would never want to show you a car that doesn't suit your needs, whether that mean too large, too small, terrible on gas and you commute to work or pick up and drop off your children; or maybe it has way too much equipment or not enough; or WAY outside your indicated budget. We want to be respectful and we want you to be so pumped.

So give all the information even if your GUT is to hide your cards. This is not poker. Lay all your cards down. We want to help you (I Swear).

If you indicate that you might want to trade, your sales professional will fill out a trade sheet and ask you for the keys to get the exact miles (even if you know them off the top of your head we need to just double check), and they will walk around the car and make any notations on the trade sheet. The used car manager will then take a look because they are the ones that do the leg work. Most dealers now a days use a couple sources that give live market value, and or they will make a phone call to make sure they are getting you the best fair assessment.

(these two paragraphs might happen concurrently)

Your sales professional says he or she will be right back. DO NOT WORRY.

Yes, the sales professional is going to the sales manager, and they are going to go over the details because as I mentioned, back story is so important in helping you pick the right vehicle, many times the dealer principle might be there as well, and between the two of them they have an awesome game plan. Maybe you were interested in new, or maybe used. But if your budget is X and your wants and needs and desires exceed X, maybe they have a certified pre-owned that they have in mind that may or may not be out in the inventory yet.

So, your sales professional grabs a set of keys or two, a dealer plate, goes to grab the car for you and brings it around the front of the dealership. You might feel a little uneasy about driving a car you are not used to, that is entirely understandable. Don't worry. Just go outside and trust us. So once you are outside your sales professional will give you an awesome walk around and they will highlight the features and benefits that they know are important to you from the conversation you had earlier.

The sales professional will probably want to drive the vehicle first so this way you are most comfortable with the drive and the way it feels and they can explain some of the interior features to you. When it is time to switch places, the sales professional will make sure that you feel safe and comfortable. They will make sure the seat settings and the mirror settings are set to your liking. They will help you and show you  fix it if they are not. They will sit in the passenger seat, and they will just let you drive. They want you to really get a good feel for how you drive the car, how it feels, sounds, brakes and accelerates.

If you have questions, they will be answered, but they will likely just let you drive.



{End Part One of Buying  a Vehicle: An Insider Tell-All}


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